Shifting Conversations Curator – Johan Myburg

Johan Myburg started his career as an arts writer at an Afrikaans, Johannesburg-based newspaper, where he held the position of Arts Editor until 2014, writing about art on a freelance basis. He is one of a few arts writers publishing in both Afrikaans and English. His doctoral thesis, “Deconstructing Identity in a Landscape of Ideology, Belief, Culture and Power”, was obtained from Unisa in 2000 and he is currently a Research Fellow at the Unit for the Visual Arts at North-West University. Myburg has curated a number of exhibitions, and served as curator of visual arts at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival from 2009 to 2011. His interest in literature paved the way to becoming a regular contributor on the weekly RSG programme entitled, Skrywers en boeke (a programme on writers and books). His fourth volume of poetry, Uittogboek, was published earlier this year.