The Blind Alphabet :: Educational Competition

The collaboration between the UJ Art Gallery and MTN SA Foundation has resulted in a series of successful conversations over the past three years. MTN’s BLIND ALPHABET – LETTER B: Babery to Bigeminate by Willem Boshoff, as well as selected artworks derived from an Emerging Artists Development Programme is currently hosted online at

This year, our educational programme, will take the form of an exciting competition extended into 2021. Over the next four weeks, we invite you on a journey to explore various aspects and themes relating to BLIND ALPHABET – LETTER B: Babery to Bigeminate. Can you imagine a life without sight? Our educational programme will give you the opportunity to engage with various activities that will broaden your understanding of the experience being blind, and highlight the dynamics between the sighted and the visually impaired

Not only will you find it intellectually and creatively rewarding, but you will also have a chance to WIN one of four Samsung Galaxy Tablets as well as spot prizes for the most unique entries. Complete all four activities on to stand a chance to win!

Keep an eye out for more details each week on how you can participate and WIN! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the competition.

To kick off, have a look at the Blind Alphabet documentary series, read more about the project or visit and Willem Boshoff’s website for more on The Blind Alphabet – Letter B Exhibition.

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