The Pandemic Project :: Khaya Ndlovu

29 May marks 5,443,200 seconds, 90,720 minutes, 1512 hours, 63 days, 9 weeks or 17.21% of 2020 since South Africa has been in lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Dancer and Choreographer Khaya Ndlovu’s response to UJ’s ‘The Pandemic’ project with her work entitled ‘Lockdown’.”When I heard the UJ Choir sing, it made me feel hopeful. I envisioned the Choir singing Ngothando behind bars in solitary confinement.

Being in a confined space when you are used to being out and free, you eventually start living in your thoughts. This made me write a poem which is illustrated my feelings while creating this work.

What I created was a visual journal rather than a dancer dancing to music but, rather leaving thoughts that are connected through movement. Personally, I was affected positively and negatively because I always wanted to go digital But finding a to retain that face to face impact that artist need within their workspace has been hard to balance.

Yes, financially it hits deeper. If you are not connected with WIFI then it will take a toll on your pocket. It saddens me to see that theatre spaces have been affected badly by COVID-19. However, this is the perfect time for the arts to evolve”, says Ndlovu.

About Khaya Ndlovu

Khaya is a 28-year-old South African born performer and artist. She began her training at the tender age of three with Pat Jones completing all vocational and major exams through The Royal Academy of Dance.

Khaya furthered her training at The National School of the Arts with focus on her Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and African Dance Studies. Whilst in school, she attended Mzansi Ballet Theatre (formerly known as The South African Ballet Theatre School) and participated in productions by the company at the time.