Tickets for Bottle Caps

Audiences can get their hands on tickets for Moving into Dance’s ‘Enable through Dance’, showing at the UJ Art Centre on 18 and 19 October 2018, by paying with bottle caps.

The University of Johannesburg turns bottle caps into wheelchairs for disabled students who would otherwise not be able to attend classes without great effort. UJ Arts & Culture (a division of the Faculty of Art Design & Architecture) and The Centre for Psychological Services and Career Development (PsyCaD), in partnership with internationally acclaimed Moving Into Dance (MID), are partnering on a noble drive to gather as much as the 450kg of bottle caps needed for one wheelchair.

Enable through Dance’ is a dance performance platform for youth living with disabilities who have worked with Moving into Dance either at their respective educational institutions or at their Saturday Open Dance Classes. This project focuses on removing barriers that society has constructed around disability through granting access and equal opportunity to young people living with disabilities. The project recognises the lived-experience of disability, seeking to restore confidence and self-esteem through artistic exploration and movement. The final tier of this project is granting access to these young people to a professional theatre setting where they can perform.

The University’s disabled community is also given access to this platform as participants. The performances scheduled to take place on 18 and 19 October 2018, will feature UJ students performing alongside other passionate youth expressing themselves through the universal language of dance. The production will be presented at the UJ Art Centre Theatre and tickets go for twenty (20) bottle caps or R100 each. For more information or to book your seat please visit

About Moving Into Dance

MID is a trailblazing, nationally acclaimed, professional dance company, as well as accredited training organisation which has produced a multitude of award-winning and productive dancers, choreographers, arts administrators and teachers throughout South Africa and internationally. Since its inception, MID has had a major impact on socio-cultural transformation as well as the economic empowerment of South African youth. Visit for more information.