Body Beautiful 2018

Body Beautiful, in collaboration with Arts & Culture, provides a platform where UJ Gym members showcase their beautifully earned bodies.

The creation of a beautiful body is an art, the body is the canvas, training is your paintbrush and nutrition is your paint – change your painting into a masterpiece!!!

Come and witness greatness, as our contestants show off their physique…

The UJ Gymnasium strives to enhance the quality of life and to instill the value and importance of health, fitness and wellness, whilst providing a competitive training facility to the University’s community i.e. (students, staff and alumni). We seek to achieve this by providing as many people as possible with the opportunity to live a healthier life through fitness – with our vibrant Fitness Instructors who are there to assist you achieving your goals.  . It is for this reason that UJ Gym is dedicated to creating positive change in people’s lives by providing innovative training and guidance to make everyone’s wellness goals become reality in a caring, fun and dynamic environment.