Impiliso is a healing space for everyone who needs to find healing.

Odwa Bongo recently went through a rough time in his life where he suffered from anxiety which almost led him towards depression. He spent two weeks in his room, feeling miserable and helpless. Luckily for him, music spoke to him. He started writing and listening to music that encouraged him. After he was feeling better he began to familiarise himself with people again. It was at this point that Odwa realised that he was not alone and that other people in his circle were also going through difficult situations. He then decided that in his final recital, for his African Music Diploma in Performance, he wants to heal himself and those around him. “Having gone through this traumatic stage of my life as a young man, I realised that there are many people that need healing and because I am more heard and taken seriously when I sing, thus there was a need for me to help others find themselves again and gain encouragement.” After a successful recital, where he received a well deserves “A”, he decided to continue with this project and as he says it is his purpose to heal people around him and encourage them. He feels that he is the people’s stepping stone towards a second chance in life.

Odwa Bongo – Lead Vocalist/Band Leader

Grant Van Rooyen – Bass Guitar

Zolani Bongo – Backing Vocalist

Terryl Bell – Drummer

Davlin Julies – Keyboard