J. Bobs Live: uBhoboza

This version of J.Bobs Live is a Sketch Show of: “Boom Bap vs. Swag Rap” (a solo Hip Hop Musical). This work, and the hilarious characters in them, are back after a long awaited return to the stage. It is a poignant feast of Urban Music and fans of Trap Hits are encouraged to witness this timeless blend of genre augmentation. Haters of Mumble Rap are in for a treat. A scathing look at current mainstream doctrine, and the workings of its larger machine. A robust observation of the time we live in.

It is Jefferson Tshabalala (J. Bhoboza) and Simphiwe Bonongo (Beatz Emlonyen’) taking to the stage, under the direction of the Theatre Duo. Known to many as J.Bobs, the founder of Kiri Pink Nob, he is man of many monikers. All sharing their pseudonyms in the J.B catalog. J.Bhoboza! J.BooBoo! J.Bambaklat! J.Bozza! J.Bawo! and of course, appearing as ‘himself’, J.Bobs! He is a writer, director, and a performer with a rich archive of works that span multiple genres and varied disciplines.

Simphiwe Bonongo is best known as a hip hop practitioner whose interests lie in exploring the intersecting elements of the hip hop art form having studied Art and Design.

Enter Theatre Duo. A multi-award winning writing, performing and directing team comprised of Billy Langa and Mahlatsi Mokgonyana. It is the world of Sketch (Tshabalala and Bonongo), meeting the realm of Theatre (Theatre Duo).  Only magic is promised! This is bound to be a treat for all lovers of performance.

In various projects, different permutations of J.Bobs emerge. Some are familiar with the Alternative Theatre Maker, in Tshabalala. Others know Bobs as the Maverick Playwright. There are people who engage with Jefferson as the Dynamic Game Show Practitioner. What makes him unique from the larger thespian conversation however, is that he has keen interests and explorations in the ‘Hip Hop Theatre’ and ‘Poetry In Performance’ spheres.