Kevin Fraser Live: Club Can’t Handle Me

Kevin will be topping up his champagne flute and lifting the veil off a pompous, narcissistic modern lifestyle. He enters a world of protein shakes and Instagram feeds – it’s Lights! Camera! ACTIVEWEAR! As he strives for a bigger chest and a smaller data bill, this comedian continues his round-the-world trot to provide fans with the ultimate gym & tonic for 2018 – the perfect cocktail for letting go of stress, and dancing your best.

Because, let’s face it.

There’s only one way to be when the Club Can’t Handle Me.

Australia’s freshest import and neoteric comedian, Kevin Fraser, has cemented his feet on the stages of his new home. The South African has already hotfooted his way through the deserts of Oz, an overcast United Kingdom, a multilingual Europe and a suspicious Southern Africa. And this is just the beginning.

Kevin is renowned for his perfected accents, amply-viewed online videos, and his high energy dance sequences on stage. A nomad for his trade, travelling to multiple countries a month, the performer stops at nothing to reach his fans.