The title, Mirrors, recalls an object which is part of our everyday life and that reflects our image, an image which holds our culture and identity, our past and present, our knowledge and roots. The use of different artistic media—dance, music, video installations, voice and light design—will allow the audience to experience an emotional journey through the four joined chapters which transform and evolve: Birth, Discovery, Origin and Contamination.

Dance is a ritual and artistic heritage shared by all people. Thanks to its intrinsic ability to create an immediate connection with the spectator through the aesthetics and the movement of the bodies, it represents the central element of the performance. Mirrors is characterized by group and solo scenes, interspersed with spoken word, singing, essential gestures, free movements and choreographies.

Mirrors’ original soundtrack draws inspiration from the Italian and African musical traditions which will be reinterpreted and rearranged in a contemporary style. The score will be enriched by field recording and it will express the unique fusion and the dialogue between instruments, musical genres, folkloristic roots and cultures that reflect each other and embrace the otherness of contemporaneity. Different soundscapes will create an hybrid atmosphere which will alter the intensity of the dramaturgy, in a performance characterized by the presence of organic and electronic sounds emphasizing the traditional and contemporary contamination between Italy and Africa.

The use of video installations, a powerful tool in the current arts’ field and in contemporary popular culture, will allow us to enhance Mirrors’ narration and to approach a wider audience. The light design and luminous elements which will accompany the visual elements will complete the scenographic and dramaturgical structure of the show.