‘nOtenkraker by Sisters Harris’ brings to life Drosselmeyer & Clara’s magical world of dancing puppets & battling toy soldiers, Chinese tea & Arabian coffee, swirling snowflakes and flamboyant flowers, the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy and her handsome Nutcracker Prince.

A wondrous fairytale shared through the universal language of dance translates beautifully as excellent technique & unique choreography promises to enthrall.

Dress up as your favorite character and interact with the  cast in this intimate setting making for an unforgettable experience.

Excellence abounds in Art of Motions final production until 2019 as international guest artist Kathleen Videira taps her cane and enchants the audience.

Drosselmeyer – Kathleen

Sugarplum Fairy – Ashton

Nutcracker Prince – Luciano

Clara – Josie

Fritz/Mouse King – Matteo

Puppets – Michaela & Gisèle (Tinashe)

Aunt/Spanish Chocolate – Rachael

Chinese Tea – Michaela

Arabian Coffee – Gisèle & Matteo

Mirlitons – Michaela & Gisèle

Mice – Tisetso, Pearl, Lihle & Anna

Soldiers – Lunga, Valentine, Sinalo & Miette Guests/Flowers – Tisetso, Lunga, Valentine, Pearl, Lihle & Sinalo Snowflakes – Michaela & Gisèle

International Guest Artist

Kathleen Videira

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls Dance Company Tisetso Mothibi, Nokulunga Masia, Valentine Rampora, Pearl Sekgethela, Sinalo Mendu & Lihle Moyi

Art of Motion Dancers

Ashton Parker, Luciano Ghidoli, Josie Ridgway, Matteo Ghidoli, Michaela Fairon, Gisèle Ghidoli, Rachael Cocks, Tinashe Sika, Anna Lipchin & Miette Lombard

Creative Team

Choreography – Angelique Harris

Directing – Sayward Harris ten Hove

Production House – Innovation

Costuming – Design Ruff

Graphic Design – Leon ten Hove


Blue Turtle Technologies (Pty) Ltd