Post Present Future Walkabout :: A personal response to history narratives

The Post Present Future exhibition juxtaposes the ephemeral representations of personal experiences and history against a backdrop of a fixed museum discourse. In an attempt to disrupt a space limited within its own elusive boundaries, Post Present Future inserts quotidian narratives alongside a metanarrative – infusing the vexed exhibits with a potentially renewed contemporary gaze. The exhibition attempts to create a platform for dialogue about contentious and pervasive issues perpetuated in the lived experience of ordinary South Africans today. The works, all representations tracing the artist’s own memories, employ personal history as a mechanism to activate and reflect on shared narratives.

The exhibition comprises seven installations, some individually and some collaboratively produced. These are positioned alongside or directly overlaid with selected images and artefacts in the museum in response to the collection to reinvigorate and decontextualize viewers’ critical engagements around past, present and perpetuation, in the post-apartheid period. The works are of mixed-media and employ a range of materials including metals and textiles.

The exhibition hopes to creates a space for and an opportunity to evoke, voice and process untold stories of racism, patriarchy, violence and classism within the post-apartheid period, in order to position and find meaning within this psycho-social discourse.