SECRET BALLOT: A Protest Theatre and Political Satire Farce

The work was received to loads of critical and audience acclaim, in all the parts of Mzansi that it visited. Johannesburg loved it, Pretoria adored it, Grahamstown embraced it, and Cape Town, more than any other place – needed it! These many places have all had a taste of the wacky and outrageous ‘Protest Theatre and Political Satire Farce’ that this work is, and now, 5 years later – IT RETURNS! It does so once again, in interesting time politically, to say the least. This time with more to unpack in this still young, but very dynamic Mzansi democracy.

The same director is at the production’s helm. J.Bobs Tshabalala has reclaimed the reigns for this epic revisit of a modern Sketching Gem. The original ensemble returns. Tsietsi Morobi. Tony Miyambo. Lereko Mfono. Michael Mazibuko. Zabalaza Mchunu. They have all come back to reclaim their original roles as “THE DADDIES OF SUGAR”. These are the same men who were nominated at the 2015 Naledi Theatre awards for the Best Ensemble Award. Just when you think the stellar team is complete, the fold now becomes much more layered with Khutjo Green joining the creative and production team as co-producer, dramaturge and stage manager. It will be all things Sketch! The Daddies of Sugar have returned. No political stone will be left un-thrown.

This Sketch follows the exploits of 5 members of ‘The Brotherhood’. This here organization is one designed for the most elite Tender_prenuers and Busy_ness men. Set during the period of post the 2019 South African elections campaigns, this narrative follows the rallies of the first week after all the results from all the votes are counted. It is at these gatherings where we are introduced to Nkunzi Emnyama (The Commander In Chief), The IT Cadre and the EAT Comrade (The CIC’s right hand men). We also meet Mayhem (A Lone Revolutionary), who takes Genocide (The People’s Hope) under his wing. “Secret Ballot” is an exploration of how Political Influence may be used to the further, or to foil the ends of Personal Affluence.