South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition

CREATIVE Feel in partnership with FADA Gallery will host the inaugural South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition. The awards exhibition aims to bring together established jewellers, including young and aspiring artists, in the creation of one-of-a-kind expressive or installation pieces. There are no limitations as artists are called upon to visualize and realise their ideas. The winner and runner-up of the competition will be announced at a gala awards ceremony on 15 March 2018 after which the South African Contemporary Jewellery Awards Exhibition will open at the FADA Gallery on the Bunting Road Campus of the University of Johannesburg.

2017/8 Thuthuka Jewellery Award’s Exhibition

The Thuthuka Development Programme is proud to present an exhibition of jewellery designed by students from community schools and universities across the country. Hosted in the FADA Gallery, this annual exhibition celebrates an extraordinary mentorship programme that focuses on design and skills development, the competition enables each student designer to explore their creativity using sterling silver and other metals to meet the brief.

 The Thuthuka Jewellery Awards theme for 2017/18 was interesting and personal. The theme “Origins”, referred the students to explore their own cultural roots, traditions and experiences. This has resulted in unique designs and manufacturing techniques. The design diversity and beauty of the jewellery and tableware created will make for an interesting and stimulating exhibition this year.1