This is verbal jousting! A war of literature! A duel of vulgar poetic proportions! It is gore. It is battle. It is all things blood, sweat and ink. I mean, listen to that horrid tagline even? Does this sound like a finger snaps and gentle hugs show to you? No! This is Guri! This is a Grudge Match! This is a settling of scores – a contest of Giant Writer/Performer EGOS! A decisive event, where Money is second only to Bragging Rights as the Grand Prize. Ditlo Bowa!

Kiri Pink Nob, in proud association with Current State of Poetry, have partnered with two Performance Poetry Powerhouses, namely: Koleka Putuma and Zewande BK. Bhengu, to bring to lovers of Spoken Word, the epic “TEWOP One On One SLAM” event!

CAUTION! This is not one of those wholesome safe-space Open Mic showcases. It is the furthest thing from an intimate sharing of the written text between two dedicated and well-meaning wordsmiths. Should it be that you are one of those delicate burn the incense, walk on stage barefoot, stroke the beads, and subscribe to the khumbaya phoyetriee is not about competition Whackist Rhetoric persons, then consider this your Trigger Warning! You will not survive this! Do not dare bring your fragile self to the conception of humouring your fickle sensibilities towards this exploration. Here, we are crass!

Kiri Pink Nob is known for its fierce Poetry Flagship, the incredible TEWOP SLAM (The Elitist Wing Of Poetry). Current State of Poetry is known for its gruelling Poetry Flagship, the amazing One On One Slam format. Koleka Putuma and Zewande Bhengu are both known as leading figures in the Performance Poetry arena of South Africa, with multiple Slam Titles under their belts, respectively. Both of them have local and international experience as Performance Poets – and this event will cement once and for all, who between them is the ‘True Phowemtree Starring’ of their generation! The winner walks away with a whopping R10 000 in Cash, and the head of their opponent for their collection of mantelpiece souls. It is a collision of giants! A meeting of Titans! A brutal combat for Legend Status! Kuzofiwa!

1 Host: TD Skhothane – (Simpho Mathenjwa). He will be the Master Of Ceremonies!

4 Judges: Two Writers (Not Of Poetry). One Performer (Not Of Poetry). One Cooperate. (Not In Poetry). TBA a week before! – All judges to be selected for “not knowing” the Poets.

This event will take place on the 1st of December 2018, 1pm -5pm, at the UJ Arts Centre, in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

For any queries please contact BUZ publicity at buz@buz.co.za.