The Christmas Village Musical Production

The story is about a teenage girl who had a great love for Christmas as a young child, she had dreams of making the world a better place, but this all changes as she experiences disappointment and hurt. Her love for Christmas and her desire to change the world dwindles away.

She falls into a deep sleep after a fight with her parents and wakes up in The Christmas Village, a magical fairyland with toys that come to life and Villagers who carry the Christmas message through song. On her journey in the village she meets different characters who help her to remember the truth about Christmas and rekindle her love and desire to make the world a better place.

The Christmas Village is a Musical Production brought to you by The Creative Culture Project. The story takes place in a magical, dreamland where absolutely anything is possible. Get excited to meet Princess Yannah, Mama Rose, The Troll Prince and many more fun characters.

Food and beverages will be on sale. Alcohol will not be sold at the event.

0 to 12 months is not advisable